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For most people who are going through divorce, going to court is something that one would prefer to avoid, if at all possible. There are many ways to settle a divorce without having to go to court, including having what is known as a simple divorce if you do not have children, or by hiring a divorce mediator. Unfortunately, there may be situations where going to court is unavoidable. When this is the case, it is important to have a reliable lawyer on your side.

When Going to Court is Necessary

Many different situations can mean that court is the best or only option, including:

  • Your spouse has hired an aggressive attorney Usually when one spouse hires an attorney who is known for being aggressive in divorce cases, negotiation becomes impossible. If your spouse has hired a combative attorney, going to court may be the best way to protect your interests.
  • You have discovered hidden assets held by your spouse Sometimes a person’s spouse will attempt to hide assets during a divorce in order to hold on to those assets fully. However, this is unacceptable and should be brought to light in a divorce court.
  • Your spouse has ended all communication Some spouses attempt to cut off communication. In these cases, a court order may be the only way to settle the terms of the divorce.
  • You have a bully for a spouse If your spouse has established a pattern during your marriage of bullying and coercing you in order to get his or her way, it may be difficult to have a fair negotiation of terms without the help of a skilled attorney in front of a court of law.

If you have decided to file for divorce, you need a strong and experienced attorney on your side to protect your rights and interests. Contact a skilled divorce lawyer today to learn more.

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