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Millions of women take some form of birth control in order to prevent pregnancy, and many different forms of birth control exist, giving women an array of choices. No matter what form of birth control a woman takes, she has the right to believe that a medically endorsed birth control method will not be an unreasonable danger to her health. Unfortunately, many women who took Yasmin, a very popular form of birth control, have reported extremely uncomfortable and painful side effects as a result of taking the drug. Unfortunately, many women did not know the risks of taking Yasmin and are now seeking legal retribution in a Yasmin lawsuit.

If you or someone you know has suffered a serious side effect from taking Yasmin and you believe that your health has been compromised by the makers of this drug, you could actually be due financial compensation. This compensation can go a long ways towards paying for any unexpected costs that are associated with the drug’s side effects, such as emergency or subsequent medical treatment, emotional trauma, and other side effects.

Common Side Effects

Yasmin has been linked to a number of very serious side effects. Some women, in addition to other side effects, have reported:

* Blood clots
* Heart attack / heart failure
* stroke
* Pulmonary embolism
* Deep-vein thrombosis
* Gallbladder issues
* Cerebral hemorrhage
* Liver damage
* Hypertension

These side effects can have a significant impact on a woman’s health and physical capabilities. If they developed as a result of taking Yasmin, a woman might be due financial compensation from the drug’s manufacturers.

You shouldnt have to combat the side effects of Yasmin alone. You may be able to fight against the negligent drug manufacturer with the support of a qualified legal professional, giving you the chance to get the monetary recompense you may deserve.

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