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For many people, aging will naturally cause them to start losing their hair. Such effects are sometimes preventable through the use of prescription medications, such as Propecia. Unfortunately, recent studies have shown that Propecia is directly linked to severe health complications that could even cause body disfigurement. The active ingredient, finasteride, can cause a consumer severe harm rather than improving their quality of life as advertised. Unexpected side effects can have an adverse and lasting impact on someones life, potentially causing them significant physical trauma and financial burdens due to expensive medical treatments. Consumers who have been suffered harm from their prescription medication may find it necessary to take legal action to try and alleviate their losses.

Types of Disfigurement

Propecia changes the testosterone level in mens bodies in order to prevent hair loss. While it is not the only medication to affect testosterone levels, this one in particular does so in such as way as to create an imbalance in the endocrine system. An impaired endocrine system can have several severe effects on a persons body. Several of the ways in which an endocrine system damaged by Propecia might cause body disfigurement are as follows:

Shrinkage of the genitals sexual organs contract due to faulty regulation of testosterone

Penile fibrosis also referred to as Peyronies disease, this is a tissue disorder that may cause sexual and urological complications.

Gynecomastia the development of breasts in men

Pharmaceutical manufacturers are responsible for developing products that are safe for public use. When they fail to do so and release a medication such as Propecia, they may be liable for the injuries caused by their harmful drug.

Legal Options

If you are suffering from any of the side effects of Propecia, you should consider seeking legal representation from an attorney experienced with pharmaceutical defect cases in order to hold the manufacturer liable in a Propecia lawsuit.

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