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Although the danger of an object falling on someone or someone falling down while at work (down a set of stairs for example) is a possibility at any place of work, construction sites are places where these dangerous situations are much more likely to occur. And, while there are any number of dangers that could cause a construction worker an injury at any given moment when they are on a construction site, objects falling on them or the risk of falling from a substantial height are some of the most common causes of accidents on construction sites.

Because of the high risk that these dangers pose to construction workers, New York state law has provided construction workers with additional protection in the event that they are harmed by either a falling object or by falling. Typically, construction workers in most states can only apply for workers compensation, which may not provide enough financial compensation. However, in New York, the labor laws are unique in that they allow construction workers to file personal injury lawsuits under certain conditions. Section 240 in particular of these labor laws allows construction workers the ability to pursue compensation when they are injured in gravity-related accidents, whether through falling objects or falling themselves.

The Specifics of This Law

According to section 240 of the New York labor laws, certain parties in charge at construction sites are required to provide workers with a variety of safety precautions and do their utmost to prevent a gravity-related accident from occurring. This section of the law states:

A contractor or property owner, excepting single or two-family homes who are not in charge of the construction work on their home, may be held liable under this law if they fail to provide safety precautions, such as scaffolding and ladders.
If an accident involving falling objects or a worker falling from a certain height does occur, these parties can be held strictly liable, which means that proof of their negligence does not necessarily need to be given.

If you have suffered an injury from falling or having an object fall on you as a worker on a construction site, speak with a team of construction accident lawyers about how they may be able to help you get the compensation you need.

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