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Traffic signs are a valuable tool for drivers when it comes to staying safe on the road. Signs tell drivers how fast to go, when to look out for changes in the road, when to stop or slow down, and where to exit or get on to highways. Traffics signs keep order on the road by providing people with a uniform set of instructions which are enforceable by law. It goes without saying, then that a lack of necessary signs can lead to confusion and accidents. When drivers are not aware of changes in the road because of a missing sign, they can potentially end up driving off the road on a sharp turn. When a stop sign is missing, they can end up in a wreck at an intersection, and when there are no speed limit signs, anyone can go too fast or too slow and end up in a collision.

Examples of Improper or Missing Signs

There are many different traffic signs that are necessary for keeping order on our roads. The following are some examples of signs that can be hazardous if they are incorrectly placed or missing:

* Stop signs at crosswalks
* Stop signs at intersections
* Speed limit signs
* Warning signs for construction
* Closed road signs
* Cautionary signs near schools

Without the necessary guidance provided by traffic signs, drivers are obligated to make their own assumptions about the appropriate driving actions, which may or may not be correct. When signs are missing or incorrect in an area, it is up to the municipal authorities to correct the situation.

Missing or improper signs are the cause of countless car accidents every year. If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident due to improper or missing signs, a Madison, Wisconsin personal injury attorney can help you seek financial compensation for your medical costs and other damages.

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