Factors That Contribute To Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

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Every year across the United States, thousands of individuals are killed in fatal motorcycle accidents. Due to the lack of safety features found on other vehicles, such as airbags, seatbelts, and a protective frame, motorcycles are especially dangerous and pose greater risks to riders than the average vehicle. Those who drive motorcycles should be aware of the exceptional dangers that come with driving a motorcycle and work to avoid them. The top three causes of fatal motorcycle accidents in the United States include

Driving after drinking alcohol or consuming drugs riding a motorcycle following a night of drinking, whether it was just a few or several, can be extremely dangerous. Driving a motorcycle requires careful attention to surroundings and coordination. Alcohol and drugs can impair these abilities, making it easy for riders to make mistakes or fail to notice another vehicle’s reckless driving.

Lack of Motorcycle Riding Experience Another of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is inexperienced riders. Inexperienced riders are often confronted with dangerous traffic situations and are unable to maneuver out of the way before a serious accident occurs.

Speeding Speeding is perhaps the most common mistake that drivers on motorcycles make, and one of the main reasons for accidents. It is estimated that around a third of all driving accidents involve speeding.

Motorcycle accidents are much too common, and often the cause of the accident does not lie with the motorcycle rider at all. Anyone who rides motorcycles knows what its like to almost be collided into by the negligent driver of another vehicle. If you or a loved one was injured or killed in a motorcycle accident because of a negligent driver or other party, you may be entitled to financial compensation for the many damages you have suffered. For more information on your rights, contact an attorney today.

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Causes Of Slip And Fall Accidents

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On another person’s property, you will have to exercise caution to a certain extent to make sure that you don’t injure yourself. However, property owners of both private and public properties also have a responsibility to others to ensure that there are no safety hazards on their properties that might endanger an unsuspecting visitor. Some of the most common accidents that occur on another person’s property are actually slip and fall accidents, which usually occur because of some kind of property owner negligence. In many cases, a property owner could have removed the safety hazard that caused a person to fall down and become injured, but failed to do so. In these cases, sometimes the property owner can be held legally liable for any injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident.

Slip and fall accidents are only one specific kind of accident that falls under a broad branch of law known as premises liability law. In premises liability lawsuits, negligent property owners are sued by victims who claim that they were injured on the other person’s property because that property was inherently unsafe. And slip and fall accidents are some of the most common cases involved in premises liability nationwide.

Common Causes

While many different factors can lead a person to slip and fall down, some causes of slip and fall accidents are reported much more frequently than other causes. Some of the most common causes of slip and fall accidents include:

  • Failure to replace guardrails
  • Water pooling
  • Uneven pavement / potholes
  • Water / debris in walkways
  • Stair collapse
  • Stage collapse

These accidents can involve multiple people, but even if you are the only person who is injured on another person’s property, if that property owner was in any way implicated in your injury, you could be due legal compensation.

If you or someone you love has suffered injury or expense because of an unsafe property that caused you to slip and fall down, contact a qualified personal injury attorney today to discuss potential legal solutions.

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Rollover Characteristics

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Of all the types of automobile accidents, rollovers are perhaps the most terrifying and most catastrophic overall. These accidents have a high potential for causing serious injury, particularly to the head and neck, and for throwing victims from the vehicle. In addition, they are also some of the most deadly types of accidents. According to several studies, rollovers are far more likely overall to end in a fatality than other types of automobile accidents (excluding motorcycle accidents). In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 9,873 individuals were killed in rollover accidents in the year 2000. In addition, studies have shown that of all vehicles, SUVs and vans are the most likely to be involved in a rollover accident, with Ford Explorers taking one of the top spots in such accidents. Because of this, research has been done into why these types of vehicles are more prone to rollovers and fatalities. The following is a list of the most common design problems and defects that cause rollover accidents to be more common and more dangerous:

High Center of Gravity The build of vans and SUVs makes them inherently top heavy. This high center of gravity is perhaps the main reason that a sudden swerve or tire blowout is more likely to pull the tires up on either the left or right side, sending the top heavy vehicle into a rollover in the blink of an eye.

Weak Roof Supports that Allow Roof Crush Because of their tendency to flip over, it is important that SUVs and vans have reliable roofs and roof supports. Unfortunately, many vehicles in this category fail miserably on this account. When the roof is crushed under the weight of the car, it often leads to severe head and neck injuries.

Lack of Reliable Door Latches Another reason for the high fatality rate in rollovers is weak door latches. When a rollover occurs, the impact on the car can cause the doors to pop open if they are not fixed with reliable latches. This increases the likelihood of a passenger ejection.

For information on how you or a loved one may be entitled to compensation from the vehicle’s manufacturer if you were involved in a rollover accident, contact a skilled accident lawyer today.

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Using An Expert Witness In Your Medical Malpractice Case

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When patients go to the doctor or hospital for a diagnosis and to receive treatment they generally expect medical professionals to act responsibly the entire time they are under the doctor or nurses care. These medical professionals go through years of schooling and training to gain the knowledge and experience necessary for providing safe and effective care to every patient who walks through the door. Unfortunately, medical professionals make mistakes just like everyone else. However, unlike other mistakes, a doctors mistakes can cost someone his or her life.

When doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgeons, and other professionals make mistakes with diagnosis or during treatment, you could suffer life-altering consequences that may cost you dearly. If you have been injured due to a medical professionals mistakes, you may suffer physical injuries, emotional damages, as well as financial consequences.

The Expert Witness

According to the website of the Law Offices of Abel Law Firm, medical malpractice cases can be very complicated and involved. They can also be extremely difficult to win without the assistance of another doctor or other experts testimony. In many cases, the details of your injury and the care you were provided can be too complicated for common people to understand. An expert witness in your case can help with the following:

  • Discussing the standard of care and how a reasonable doctor would have acted
  • Explaining the doctors actions that breached the standard of care
  • Giving facts about your injury caused by the medical professionals negligence

An expert witness can also discuss other aspects of your case such as the expected cost of medical care and future costs. The term “expert witness” might seem a bit confusing. It is not a person who is an expert at being a witness, but rather a witness who is an expert in a required field whose testimony will be used to sway opinions in court.

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Vehicular Homicide

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There have been many new advances made over the years in automobile safety in an attempt to reduce the number of severe injuries and fatalities from car accidents. While these advances have been successful in lowering the rate of these tragedies, they have by no means been eliminated. The persistence of reckless driving is one of the reasons many of the most severe accidents continue to occur. When the result of the car accident is a fatality for anyone besides the at-fault driver, the person who caused the wreck may be held civilly as well as criminally liable for the death of that person. In reference to criminal charges, this is known as vehicular homicide when it involves intentional or reckless behavior. However, the families of victims are also allowed under intentional tort law to file civil charges against the other driver. A civil suit that results in compensation to the victims can provide the financial resources needed for medical expenses, funeral costs, and wrongful death damages.

What Qualifies as Vehicular Homicide

Vehicular homicide is defined by a certain type of negligent use of a motor vehicle which ends in the death of one or more individuals. By this definition, a person may be guilty of vehicular homicide for people in a separate vehicle, but also for people in the same vehicle. Types of negligent use of a vehicle that may qualify as vehicular homicide includes:

  • Drunk driving
  • Driving Under the Influence of Drugs
  • Reckless Driving
  • Distracted Driving
  • Speeding

These types of vehicular homicide cases are usually tried in civil courts as wrongful death suits. If someone you love was involved in a car accident that could be classified as vehicular homicide, you may need the help of an experienced attorney to help your family file a wrongful death lawsuit to seek the compensation you need. This can help you cover the cost of a funeral and make up for lost income.

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Common Misconceptions About Personal Injury Law

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As a society, we generally expect people to act responsibly and make reasonable choices, especially when it involves the safety of others. Unfortunately, many individuals choose to act recklessly or ignore safety protocol, putting innocent lives at risk. However, if you or someone you know has been injured in an accident caused by someone elses careless actions, you may be eligible to take legal action and file a personal injury lawsuit. With this claim, you can seek financial compensation to help pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other damages resulting from your accident.

As a plaintiff, it is important that you are aware of the common misconceptions surrounding personal injury law so that these myths do not mislead your case.

Uncovering the Truth
To increase your chances at recovering financial compensation to pay for damages following your personal injury accident, make sure you do not fall for the following myths:
1. You can file a claim whenever you want.

This is not completely accurate. In fact, a law called the statute of limitations limits the amount of time you have to file a personal injury case after an injury. If you wait too long to file, you lose your chance at recovering compensation.

2. You dont need an attorney to file a personal injury case.

Although you are legally allowed to file a claim without an attorney, it is highly discouraged. Personal injury cases can be very complicated, and a lawyer can significantly increase your chances of a successful claim.

3. You can file two separate cases for the same injury against the same defendant.

If you arent happy with the outcome of your case, you cannot file for the same injuries against the same defendant.

For More Information
If you have been hurt in a personal injury accident, it is normal to have myriad questions and concerns about the future of your case. Contact a Wausau personal injury attorney today for more information about your rights and how we can serve you.

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