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Depending on ones occupation, he or she could suffer a number of different injuries due to workplace accidents. Repetitive strain injuries are common amongst a number of workers who perform the same task every day in occupations across the nation. One example of a repetitive strain injury is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a condition caused by pressure on the median nerve that causes numbness, tingling, weakness, or damages in the hands and fingers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome has been linked to a number of actions, but is generally found in people who perform repetitive tasks or motions with their hands and fingers on a daily basis. This includes typing on a keyboard, using tools, or playing a musical instrument.

Dont Fall for These Myths
Some of the most common myths about Carpal Tunnel Syndrome you should not believe include the following:

* Any pain the hand is caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome There are actually a number of other conditions that can cause hand and finger pain. This includes tendonitis or arthritis.
* The only symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are in the hands and wrists Although these are the most common areas it affects, the pain can also impact your shoulders and neck.
* Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a minor problem and not that big of a deal CTS can be very serious if left untreated and can severely limit your ability to use your hands and fingers. It can also be very costly financially, costing an average of 30,000 in medical bills over a lifetime.
* Typing on a keyboard is the only cause of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome There are a number of other causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome such as genetics.

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