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If a law enforcement officer suspects a driver of driving under the influence of a narcotic substance, he or she might stop the driver and perform what are known as field sobriety tests. These tests are different than a blood sample or a breathalyzer test, which are two of the more common tests of a driver’s level of sobriety. Usually, these tests resemble exercises, involving some form of physical movement and the ability to follow instructions on behalf of the driver who is suspected of drinking and driving, whereas breathalyzers and blood samples don’t require physical movement; they just require a sample taken from the body.

While there are many different forms of field sobriety tests, some are utilized more than others. Although they are used at an officer’s discretion, sometimes field sobriety tests can be less uncomfortable than a breathalyzer exam or blood sample, which can feel invasive for many people. Four of the more common field sobriety tests include:

One-Leg Stand
Walk and Turn
Horizontal Eye Movement Exam
Non-Standardized Tests

These four forms of the field sobriety tests might all be used to gauge a person’s sobriety level. If an officer suspects that an individual has overindulged in alcohol and is driving while under the influence, the officer might arrest that individual.

Field sobriety tests are not always foolproof. Sometimes mistakes happen and a person is wrongfully charged with DUI. Thus, if a person is facing a serious charge like DUI, it’s critical to have an experienced legal representative on his or her side, as these charges might be reduced or eliminated through the court process.

If you or someone you care about is facing charges of DUI after performing one or more field sobriety exams, contact an experienced Rhode Island DUI lawyer today to discuss how you might create a defense against the charges and avoid the harsh consequences associated with a DUI conviction.

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